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We now offer aesthetic services such as cellulite and vein treatment, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, medical pedicures, and more in our Be Luxe Medical Spa! See details

Podiatric & aesthetic care State-of-the-art technology




ARTHRITIS: Cracking, creaking, and stiffness are all relate to arthitic pain. Although there is no miracle cure for arthritis, we use the safest and most advanced treatment that will find you pain-free in no time.

NEUROPATHY/NERVE PAIN: Constant burning, tingling, and numbness are dehabiliating. We are pleased to be one very few physicians in the country who offer a new therapy. The latest study showed an 87% reduction in painful symptoms with our treatment program. Many patients have actually seen a REVERSAL of nerve damage. You will feel better and walk better because the nerves are actually healing. Many of our patients say the effects of the program can be felt immediately!


BUNIONS: Characterized by a bump on the side of your great toe joint, bunions are painful and make it very difficult to fit into shoes. Dr.Pandit is known for her bunion treatment and was featured on ABC-7 Healthbeat for her expertise.

HAMMERTOES: Crooked or bent toes are not only painful but embarrassing. Dr. Pandit is also recognized for her beautiful results in restoring your toes.


We can remove and reduce your cellulite and veins with one of our painless technologies. If you suffer from very large varicose veins we also have a certified vein specialist who uses the safest and latest technology to remove them. You will have will glam gams in no time! We use the state-of-the-art Cynosure Med-Lite C6 Laser for skin rejuvenation, scar and stretch mark reduction, and collagen regeneration.


These hard spots are due to the way you walk, friction, and the location of the pressure points on your toes. Many options are available at our office to help, such as customized padding, orthotics, biomechanical evaluation, and minimal down time surgery.


Pain due to flat or high arched feet is easily remedied. Our 4D orthotic fabrication and gait analysis usually takes care of the problem. If you are considering surgery for permanent hangers, we are certified in the hyprocure implant surgery.


Feet and shoes should never smell. The condition is caused by bacteria or fungus and is not normal. We have several treatments such as organic, natural, and prescription solutions. We also can use Botox for excessive sweating of the feet.


GOUT: Hot, severely painful, inflamed joint is the hallmark of Gout. Knowing how to treat and prevent flair ups is easy with the right advice.

DIABETIC: Diabetes is the leading cause of amputations of the foot and leg. Anyone who suffers from diabetes should been seen by a podiatrist twice a year. We also provide diabetics shoes. These are usually covered by insurance too!


1 in 3 Americans are affected by heel pain. Using the latest techniques in gait analysis and diagnostic imaging, we will "heal the heel" without surgery. We run the only dedicated heel pain center in the south suburbs.


INGROWN: Toenails that curve into the skin are not only painful, but if left untreated it can lead to infection. You don't have to live in pain, come in and let us help with no down time.

FUNGAL TOENAILS: Dry, discolored, and flaky nails are embarrassing and also very contagious. We use the FDA-approved Fotona laser to quickly and easily rid you of the problem and make you proud to show off your toes.


Excessive hair can be embarrassing and a nuisance. We utilize the most advanced hair removal laser to painlessly remove or lessen your unwanted hair and allow you to stay permanently smooth and hair free! Our technology works on all skin types and colors.


First, our med-tech specialist will evaluate your feet. If there is any medical problems, Dr. Pandit will evaluate and treat those first. This will include callus debridement if needed because this should only be done by a podiatric surgeon and not a "shaving device" at a salon. Since whirlpool salon tubs are notorious for festering infections, we will first soak your feet in a copper, jetless, fully sterilized tub with a dermatological organic soak using sterile warm water. As the pedicure continues, everything used will be luxurious organic products used by licensed dermatologists to pamper and soften your feet. All tools that can be reused are sterilized by a operating room autoclave and those that are not are only used once then thrown away. When it is time for polish, we use disposable cups and brushes to ensure that a brush is never in contact with anyone but yourself. You are left with beautiful sandal ready feet with a peace of mind for your safety.


How is it different than a salon pedicure? Salons vary greatly in hygiene and often re use products and re circulate water in the whirlpools. They reuse polish and base coats until they are empty. They cannot usually afford to use the level of hospital grade sanitation a doctor is required to have and be trained to use. Inspections vary greatly all over the country, where some states never have inspectors take a look at the infection control of a salon. They are not medically trained doctors who recognize infections or fungus and often still treat a person anyway thus effectively spreading infection. Dr. Pandit's "Rule of Toe": Just think, the person with green and black toenails and stinky feet went before you. Do you really feel safe going after them in the same tub, using the same nail polish?"


Feel thoroughly pampered and relaxed in our private suite for a one of a kind safe pedicure customized to your needs. No more unsafe whirlpools, instruments and lack of privacy. Enjoy a relaxing refreshment and leave with your feet feeling the best they ever have!


Be Luxe Pedicure: (50 minutes) Our signature pedicure is the ultimate in relaxation and beauty. Enjoy a soothing customized foot bath that envelopes your feet to soften and smooth the skin. Dry skin will be buffed to silky smooth perfection with a herbal scrub. Infused steamy towels will complement the a custom foot mask application. Your nails will be filed and buffed to perfection. A deep, hydrating leg and foot massage will rest and renew the senses. Your choice of polish application is the perfect ending to this blissful session.

Be Fast Express Pedicure: (30 minutes) In a rush? Did you already have one of our doctors provide nail and callus debridement and you just want a luxurious ending with a polish? This is the option for you! Our express pedi starts with nail shaping and buffing after a warm custom foot bath. An indulgent massage nourishes skin and toenails. The finishing touch is an expert polish application and you’re on your way.

Be Groomed Gentlemen's Pedicure: (50 minutes) For feet that feel great and look good! A custom foot bath softens the feet and toenails. Filing and buffing gets toenails into shape followed by an exfoliating herbal scrub. A foot mask with steamy towels comes before, quite possibly, the world's best lower leg massage.

Be Safe Diabetic Pedicure: (50 minutes) This pedicure recognizes the unique foot needs of those with diabetes. Following a custom foot soak, a rich herbal scrub gently exfoliates skin. A foot mask will be applied to enhance skin conditioning. Nails are lightly trimmed and buffed followed revitalizing massage to increase circulation.Polish of your choice completes the visit.
Be Relaxed Senior Pedicure: (45 minutes) A therapeutic pedicure to help in good foot health. Special attention is given to softening rough skin, grooming the nails and stimulating circulation in the feet and lower legs. Gentleman enjoy an extended massage while ladies get polish of their choice.

Be Indulged Ultimate Pedicure: The ultimate indulgence for all feet. It’s a heavenly session that includes every service in the Be Luxe Pedicure and much more. A glycolic acid exfoliation is followed by micro-dermabrasion to reveal petal soft skin. We then gently lighten the toenails followed by a heavenly foot and leg massage. Polish application is optional. (80 minutes)

Be Transformed Pedicure: (Time varies) For those who are looking permanent results and pampering, this is the only pedicure in the country that will provide both. Our signature Be Luxe Pedicure is followed by a laser skin rejuvenation from Dr. Pandit to build collagen to tighten and firm the skin as well as reduce age spots. This painless procedure is true laser facial for your feet. We can then continue with laser toenail rejuvenation, toe hair removal, and spider vein removal. Each pedicure is customized to your desired results.

NOTE: Insurance plans will not cover any spa services. Cash, credit or debit cards are accepted. Must be at least eight years old.


PEDIATRIC FOOT PROBLEMS: Early diagnosis and treatment is the key if you believe your child has a foot problem or walks "differently" than other children. We use the latest in gait analysis and x-ray imaging to help solve the problem quickly and safely.

GERIATRIC FOOT PROBLEMS: Seniors feet and ankles are delicate and can suffer from many problems including diabetes, neuropathy, poor circulation, painful nails, and arthtitis. Lets face it.. these are some hard working feet that have walked many miles! We provide comprehensive care for all our seniors in a gentle and comfortable fashion.


Warts on the bottom of the foot are painful skin lesions caused from a virus. They can be very stubborn to remove with over the counter remedies. We utilize the best treatments including laser, prescriptions meds, and in office treatments for fast painless removal.


Rashes, discoloration, blister bumps....the list is lengthy. Dr.Pandit is committed to skin care and renewing your feet to perfection! We employ many treatments to remedy your issue, including prescription and non prescription meds, biopsies, and skin rejuvenation. We carry a full line of skin care from several professional brands that has been tried and tested by Dr. Pandit at affordable prices.


Sprains and fractures occur often and rapidly. Swelling and pain to inside or outside of your ankle and foot is common. Sprains can take longer to heal than broken bones, so early treatment and diagnosis is key!


Tattoo regret is a thing of the past! Using the advanced technology of the Cynosure Med-Lite, we can target any tattoo in any color rapidly and with no pain. Consultations are free and our staff is fully certified in laser technology and technique.


We treat and cure athletes of all types utilizing the most advanced as well as time honored techniques. Muscle, joint, tendon, or bone injuries can occur whether working out casually or professionally. We also treat and cure work-related injuries and accept Workman's Compensation insurance.

Podiatric & aesthetic services

We’re passionate about providing the highest quality medical and aesthetic care and forming a lifelong relationship with our patients. We offer only the latest and safest technology to you.

Our services include:

  • Heel pain and bone spurs
  • Ingrown and fungal toenails
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Flat or high arched feet
  • Corns and calluses
  • Plantar warts
  • Sprains and fractures
  • Arthritis and nerve pain
  • Foot odor
  • Laser hair removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Medical pedicures
  • Cellulite and vein treatment
  • Skin disorders
  • Pediatric or geriatric foot problems
  • Work or sports related injuries
  • Gout and diabetic foot car
  • And more...

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Safe and state-of-the-art technology for minimal down-time

EPAT Shockwave Laser

Used for cellulite and scar reduction, heel pain, tendonitis, neuromas, shin splints, scarring, sports injuries, and achilles tendonitis, this laser allows us to treat patients more effectively and safely. Extensive research into the biological mechanisms and cellular effects of acoustic pressure waves has resulted in the development of the EPAT® technologies.

Cynosure Med-Lite C6 LASER

Considered the ultimate luxury in aesthetics this laser is recognized for its ability to remove tattoos painlessly. It is also used for skin rejuvenation, scar and stretch mark reduction, and collagen regeneration.


With NG YAg 1064 technology, this laser is one of very few FDA cleared lasers to treat fungal toenails. It is also world renowned in its painless treatment of warts, spider veins, and hair removal.

For more info: http://chicagotoenailfungus.com/


Instant, hi-def, and precise xrays available and performed in seconds. No waiting for film so we can diagnose and treat more quickly.


Ultrasound exams can diagnose muscle or tendon injuries. It can also diagnose any cysts or bumps. This technology is also a great alternative for those who cannot have an xray or want to avoid a costly MRI.


Using a state of the art system, we evaluate your walking and running pattern. From our analysis results, we can recommend exercises, shoes, or orthotics to improve your gail and balance. For runners, this will help improve your skill and increase endurance.




Dr. Pandit strives to provide outstanding and compassionate care. She takes great interest in her patients and is proud to be the physician to many complete families. She has a special interest in runners and athletes, both professional and casual. She strives to help her patients get back to the activities they love quickly and safely. Dr. Pandit implements the latest and safest technologies for care including laser and shockwave treatments and minimally invasive surgical procedures. She is certified in laser techniques for removal of fungal nails, veins, tattoos, warts, and hair.


Dr. Pandit enjoys running, yoga and cooking.

Board certified, compassionate, dedicated, and nationally recognized

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Dr. Bela Pandit is a board certified compassionate, dedicated, and nationally recognized physician. She is often featured in national and local news and print. She strives to provide compassionate and dedicated care to her patients.

Dr. Pandit was born and raised in New Jersey. She graduated with honors in Biology and Art History while completing one of the most competitive pre-medical curriculums in the country at Boston University. This education was in perfect parallel to her interest in science, technology and aesthetics.She then went to medical school and received an academic scholarship at Rosalind Franklin School of Health Sciences/ Chicago Medical School. She was chief resident at Loretto Hospital for her surgical residency... Read more >

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